1.The principal aim of the International Centre for Study of Bengal Art (ICSBA) is to promote and develop the study programme related to the Bengal art. The Centre is dedicated to investigation in the fields of archaeology, architecture, sculpture, painting, epigraphy, numismatics, religion, ethnography and the spectrum of folk and decorative arts. It is responsible for dissemination of various aspects of Bengal art in Bangladesh and abroad.

2. The Centre is committed to:

a. promote activities capable of increasing knowledge of Bengal art by organizing lectures, seminars, conferences, art exhibitions etc., both in Bangladesh and abroad, if necessary in collaboration with other organizations;

               b. offer facilities to the scholars to use its own library and visual archives;

c. organize courses on aspects of Bengal art including those related to any            diploma/degree to be awarded independently or in collaboration with some other institution/university;

d. award study grants or fellowship to students, scholars and experts including contributions to allow them trips within or outside Bangladesh;

e. publish its own journal and monographs, dissertations, reports, catalogues etc., on its own account or in collaboration with other bodies and publishing houses;

f. enter into agreement with local and foreign individuals and institutions related to the Centre’s fields of interest and make payments in furtherance of provisions of such agreements;

g. to continuously add to the original library and visual archives and create, develop, survey, hold and preserve documentation related to Bengal art;

h. conduct academic/promotional campaign at home and abroad for preservation of the specimens of Bengal art;

i. take special initiative to develop and sustain intimate contact and establish friendly co-operation between the researchers on Bengal art located in Bangladesh and India; and

j. take any other initiative that may contribute to the enrichment of knowledge regarding Bengal art.

3.The Centre may admit members of one or more categories of scholars working on Bengal art or associated fields of research of those who by experience, competence or type of activities can make useful contributions to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the Centre, in each case on payment of a subscription.

4.The Centre may charge, in order of sustain itself, a fee from certain categories of the users of its facilities.

5.The Centre may bestow honorary membership or any other kind of award or recognition to scholars or patrons for their outstanding contribution to study of or distinguished services to the cause of Bengal art and related activities.