Journal of Bengal Art Volume 26


Vol. 26, 2021: 767 Pages, Plates 482 B/W and Color 143; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 5000/ US $ 100


Bulbul Ahmed


Tekttha, Paschim Raghunathpur: Hitherto Unknown Early Historic Site in Naogaon District of Bangladesh

Gerald Kozicz


The Buddha, the Temple and the Tree: Observations and Notes on the “RāmmālaStele”

Mohammad Yusuf Siddiq


Geography, Religion and Social Life of Bengal as Reflected in Some Inscriptions.

Kees Rookmaaker


John Edwards


The Rhinoceros on Terracotta Temples andin Jungles of West Bengal and Bangladesh

Ursula Bickelmann :  The Portuguese Legacy Over the Bengali Cultural Heritage

Krishnendu Ray 

: Writing the Material Life of the People of Early Historic Bengal from Sculptures as Texts1(up to c. 4-5thCenturies CE)

Joachim K. Bautze 

: Calcutta, the Duke of Edinburgh, Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur and T. Murray

Heinrich Poell

: The Dharmarajika Stele Revisited

Gerd J.R. Mevissen 

: A Nepalese Metal Image of the Pañcarakṣā Goddess Mahāmāyūrī in the Bangladesh National Museum

Md. Rifat-Ur-Rahman

: Tracing the Archaeological Notions of Birat Raja’s Dhibi in Sirajganj, Bangladesh through Systematic Archaeological Exploration 

K. Mavali Rajan


Binay Barman

: Facets of Saivism in the Kamata-Kuchbehar Region of North Bengal

Rob Linrothe 

: The Human Sphere: Comparative Analysis of Sponsor Images in the Jaina Caves of Ellora

Dhriti Ray 

: Representation of Lions in Indian Monumental Architecture

Priyanka Tamta


Sukanya Sharma

: Surya Sculptures in Kamakhya: A Glimpse of Artistic Evolution of Surya Sculpture in Assam

Rangan Kanti Jana 

: Some Early Medieval Vishnu Images from Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal

Swati Ray, Arkaprava Sarkar


Rupendra Kumar Chattopadhyay 

: Architectural Thoughts within Archaeology: A Case Study of the 19th Century Indian Subcontinent

Gourav Debnath

: Rethinking the Antiquity of Mahiṣamardinī in Bengal in the Light of a Recent Archaeological Discovery

Janice Leoshko 

: Starting with “The World’s Debt to Buddha”

Shubha Majumder

: A Unique Dvitīrthī Jaina Image from Ramkrishna Mission Vidyapith Museum, Purulia, West Bengal

Ridita Tasmin 

: Documentation of Motifs on Manipuri Sari of Bangladesh: A Preliminary Study

Maliha Nargis Ahmed


Azmaree Afrin       

: A Preliminary Study of Two Mosques of Gobindaganj Upazila, Gaibandha District

Mahua Chakrabarti

: Traditional Cuisine of Bengal – The Living Material Culture and Its Changes and Associations through the Ages

Rohini Kar 

: Kārtikkeya and the Fertility Cult of Bengal

Shilpi Dutta Maulik

: The Vehicles of Nine Planetary Deities Depicted on Selected Stone Sculptures in Bengal and Bihar

Baba Mishra,Sakir Hussain


Rajesh Mohanty

: Semi - Precious Stone Beads of Budhigarh, Odisha: An Archaeological Encounter

Sunil Kumar Patnaik


Sarita Nayak

: Archaeology of Aragarh: An Early Historical Buddhist Site

Subrata Kumar Acharya


Sasanka Sekhar Panda

: Teresingha Plates of Bhānurāja, Year 3

Debarati Ganguly 

: Vanguards of Indian Nationalism: Rupam and the Idea of ‘Greater India’; Tale of Inter-connections and Making of a Cultural Vision
Noor Banu Sattar  : Women Donors of Brahmanical Images: A Glimpse from the Image Inscriptions of the Pre-Pala and Pala rulers of Bengal and Bihar

Ranjusri Ghosh

: Trailokyavijayā: An Unseen Buddhist Goddess of Bihar

Jinah Kim

: Lost Books in People’s Hands: Looking for Illustrated Buddhist Manuscripts of Odisha in Stone

Andria Loseries 

: Simhamukhā and Durgā: Two Indic Tantric Mother Goddesses

Mahboob Alam 

: The Artist Who Introduced Modern Bengal to the West

Jalaj Kumar Tiwari 

: Lakulisa in the Art of Bihar: Some Observations

Ramadevi Shekhor

: Chola-Ganga- Dynasty Anantavarman Choda Gangadeva (1077-1147 CE.)

Priyanku Chakraborty


Kumkum Bandyopadhyay

: Buddhist Metal Images from Tripura

Nicolas Revire


Rajat Sanyal 

: Three Inscribed Early Medieval Images from Bihar: New Evidence on the Identity of Tentadīgrāma as Tetrawan

Abu Bakkar Siddique 

: Rajmahal Jami Mosque: An Intermixture of Architectural Style in Mughal Bengal

Suchandra Ghosh 

: Situating theNauvyāvahārajīvins and Kaivarttasin the Rural Settlements of Early Medieval Assam

Rudra Prosad Samaddar

: Some New Information of Samataṭa/Dhaka Copperplate Inscription of Vainyagupta, Gupta Era 184 (504 AD)

Sharmin Rezwana


Chand Sultana Ratna

: An Unpublished and Newly Found Arya-Ashtamahabhaya-Tara from Varendra Research Museum: The Iconographic Study

Md. Abdur Rob 

: Benevolent Activities in the Light of the Inscriptions of Sultanate Bengal

S M Saiful Islam 

: Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar’s Last Two Years in Delhi, Exile in Rangoon and Death: A Tragic History (1857-1862 AD)

Sreyashi Ray Chowdhuri 

: Purnakalasa in the Art of Sarnath: An Attempt at Religio-Aesthetic Analysis

Mohammad Niamul Huda,

Md. Mahmudul Hasan Khan


Md. Sadequzzaman

: Tentatively Listed Two Promising UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bangladesh:Some Observations and Prospects ofthe Present Heritage Management Scenario

Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay

: Silk Banner: An Important Commodity of Buddhist Ritualistic Art

Muhammed Shohrab Uddin


Most. Taslima Akter

: Representation of Kinnara-Kinnari on Terracotta Plaques of Bangladesh (4th to 12th Century AD)

Elora Tribedy 

: Sinless’s Piety: A Recently Recovered Inscribed Vajratārā Maṇḍala from Pachna Hill, Bihar

Tahmidun Nabi


Nusrat Jahan Kanan

: Parṇaśavarī Images Discovered in Bangladesh: A Review of Iconographic Features of this Variety of Sculpture

Md. Nasir Uddin (Mobin)

: Impact of Architectural Activities in the Socio-Religious Environment of Early Medieval Buddhist Monasteries of Bengal

AKM Khademul Haque

: Early Use of Iron in Bangladesh