Vol. 25, 2020: 856 Pages, Plates 482 B/W and Color 143; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 5000/ US $ 100.


A K M Yaqub Ali                :               Aesthetic Aspects of Stone-Carving Art of Muslim Architecture of Bengal (13th-16th Century)

Anna A. Ślączka :               Lost and Found? A Note on Two Images of Dancing Śiva from Bangladesh

Chotima Chaturawong   :               Reliefs of Vishnu Anantasayin: Vaishnavism of The Pyu, Mon, and Burmese

Claudine Bautze-Picron:               Unpublished or Little Known Viṣṇu Viśvarūpa Images from Eastern India

Dhriti Ray             :               The Portuguese Legacy Over the Bengali Cultural Heritage

Joachim K. Bautze            :               Fedor Jagor, Traveller, Explorer, Photographer

Gerald Kozicz     :               Considerations About the Meaning of the Stupa on Pāla Stelae

Kumkum Bandyopadhyay            :               Dubba or Bhurha: A Newly Investigated Archaeological Site in South Bihar

Madhuparna Roychowdhury      :               Revisiting Greater India: Archaeology in Myanmar (Burma) in the Early Twentieth Century

Mahua Chakrabarti & Shilpi Maulik           :               Flora and Fauna Motifs in Ancient Sculptural Art of West Bengal: A Brief Survey

Azmaree Afrin & Maliha Nargis Ahmed  :               Reading Late Mediaeval Mosques of Bangladesh: Case Study on Bajrashahi Mosque and Matubi Mosque of  Sonaimuri Upazila, Noakhali District

Sunil Kumar Patnaik        :               Early Buddhist Art of Odisha: A Fresh Appraisal

Sutapa Sinha      :               Ming Blue and White Porcelains from Gaur: Contextual Significance in Medieval Bengal

Ratnabali Ray Sengupta:               Redefining the Images from Rajarajeswari Asram of Muhuripur, Tripura: A Study in Iconography and Style

Samuel Berthet                :               Sailing Across Topology: Vessels of the North-Odisha-Bengal-Arakan Arch

Sanjay Sen Gupta            :               Terracotta Ornamentation on the Religious Architectures of Bengal: Gradual Deconstruction of Cultural Units Through the Expanse of Lokāyata

Shamir Isha         :               The House of the Nawab at 85 Park Street and the Socio-Cultural Contributions of Sir Wasi Ali Mirza

Sharmistha Chatterjee & Tusar Sarkar    :               Vaishnavism in Bishnupur: Materiality and Practices

Sreyashi Ray Chowdhuri               :               : Mirroring Buddha‟s First Bath in the Narrative Art of Sarnath: A Comparative Artistic Analysis with Some Art Centres of North and South India

Subrata Kumar Acharya:               Sarei Plate of Narendrabhañja

Ursula Bickelmann           :               The Wisdom of Drawing: Rabindranath Tagore as Visual Artist

Andrea Loseries                               :               Gaņapati in the Buddhist Art of Tibet and Mongolia

Krishnendu Ray                                :               Designing Artefacts for the Society of Early Bengal (up to 1300 CE)

Mizanur Rahman              :               New Research in Bangladesh Archaeobotany: Potential Issues and Future Scope

V. Ramabrahmam            :               Artisans of Bangladesh: Their Role and Prospects

R. Nagaswamy                  :               Vangam and Tamilnadu

Sourav Sen                         :               Mode of Communication Through the Symbols and Rock Arts During the Early India

Suvasree Chatterjee      :               Water Crafts Plying on the Eastern Sea Board: Through the Numismatic Lenses

Mohammad Yusuf Siddiq             :               Life, Society and Culture of the Muslims of Medieval Bengal: Some Epigraphic Evidences

Susmita Basu Majumdar               :               In and Out of the Interaction Spheres: Exploring Money in the Bay of  Bengal Network

Abhick Sarkar                     :               Revisiting the Repoussé Coins of Chhattisgarh and Bengal

Frederick M. Asher         :               Tamralipta/Tamluk: A Review

Heinrich Poell                    :               The Buddha Life Stelae in the Ananda Temple in Pagan and Their Relation to Pala Art

Ramadevi Sekhar             :               Goddess Kamakshi in Northeast India and Tamil Nadu

Asha Lata Pandey            :               Importance of Rivers in the Rigveda

Md. Abdur Rob                :               Use of Imprecatory Verses Especial References in the Muslim Inscriptions of  Bengal

Naznin Sultana Niti          :               Water and Religion: A South Asian Perspective

Gerd J.R. Mevissen         :               Bengal‟s Contribution to Jaina Sculptural Art: The Introduction of Dikpālas as Subsidiary Figures

Ankan Purkait                    :               Understanding the Socio-Cultural Changes of 18th Century Bengal Through Compan School of Painting from Murshidabad and Calcutta

Shubha Majumder          :               Context of Jainism in Chhotanagpur Plateau (Jharkhand): Study of the Jaina Antiquities from State Museum Hotwar, Ranchi

Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay        :               Nartteśvara or Naṭṭeśvara Images of Bengal: An Iconographical Analysis

Mahboob Alam                :               Life and Society of Bengal in Late Eighteen and Early Nineteenth Century under the Gaze of an European Artist

Syed Jamil Ahmed           :               Premodern Female Performers of Bengal: Representations in Collective Memory             and Historiography

Mrinmoyee Ray                                :               Visual Narratives of Monuments as Authorising Discourses: Representation of Early Modern Temples of Bengal Through Photographs

S M Saiful Islam                :               The Passing of Shah Jahan‟ Paintings by Abanindranath Tagore and Abdur Rahman Chughtai: A Historical Study

Muhammed Shohrab Uddin & Sharmin Rezowana           :               Aquatic Species in Terracotta Art of Pre-Medieval Bengal

Thyagarajan Satyamurthy            :               Sakthi Cult in Tamil Nadu: Reflections of Bengal Tradition

Aniruddha Maitra            :               Archaeological Remains from Some Sites of Western Varendra: An Analytical Study

Noorul Islam                      :               Coin of Ibrahim Sharki Sultan of Jounpur, His Army General Khanjahan Settled at Bagerhat, Bangladesh

Priyanku Chakraborty    :               A Hitherto Unpublished Image of Buddhist Mahākāla from Tripura, India

Niaz Zaman                         :               The Sacred and the Secular in the Nakshi Kantha

Aksadul Alam                     :               Aspects of Geographical-Cultural Processes and Making of the „Personality‟ in Early Bengal

Ayesha Begum                  :               Mughal River Forts around Dhaka: An Appraisal

Dipsikha Acharya & Bidhan Halder            :               A Note on a Hitherto Unpublished Votive Tablet from Abhana/Avana in the District of Balasore, Odisha

Nusrat Jahan                      :               Flora and Fauna Depicted on the Selected Terracottas of Chandraketugarh

Md. Nasir Uddin (Mobin)             :               Various Architectural Issues to Understand Early Medieval Buddhist Monuments of Bengal: Study Based on Excavated Monuments of Lalmai-Mainamati Area

Enamul Haque                   :               Some Observations on Hindu Iconography of Bengal