Vol. 24, 2019: 304 Pages, Plates 212 B/W and Color 53; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 1500/ US $ 45.


Andrea Loseries :                          A Burman Palm Leaf Manuscript: Myanmar, 1885 (1297 M.E.)     

Baba Mishra                                  A Study on Bhairava Iconography of the Tel Valley, Odisha          

Claudine Bze-Picron :                   A Short Note on a Recently Discovered Lintel in Lakhisarai           

Noor Bano ttar :                            An Image of the Sun god with Planetary Deities from Belkash, Purba Bardhaman District

Durga SankKoley :                        Vaṛṇa  Jāti and Society in the Bṛhaddharma Purāṇa

Janice Leoshk                               Ananda Coomaraswamy and His Significant Buddhist Sculptures from Sri Lanka 

KumKum Bandyopadhyay

 &  Priyanku Ckraborty :                A Rare (Hitherto Unreported) Image of Eighteen-Armed Avalokiteśvara from Gaya, South Bihar        


Ursula Bickelma :                          Archaism Versus Modernism: The Small Sculptures of Meera Mukherjee             

Birendra Nath Prad :                     Dedicatory Inscriptions on the Sculptures of Bodh Gaya, c. 4th-12th Century A.D.: Explorations in Socio-Religious History   

Shreela Basu :                              The Temples of Puthia  

Rituparna Basu :                           Dolls, Display and Changing Discourse: A Micro Study of Fairs in Howrah

Rob Linrothe :                                Deeply Rooted Ritual: The Plurality of Sponsor Couples in Eastern Indian Sculpture, c. Eighth to                                                                          Thirteenth Century, and an Explanatory Hypothesis    

Md. Abdur Rob, Sohag Ali

& Md. Masood Imran :                   A (Hitherto Unpublished) Late Mughal Mosque Inscription of Bengal: An Analytical Look     

Mohammad Yusuf Siddiq :             An Epigraphic Journey Through Medieval Bengal              

Shyamalkanti Chakravarti :           Wood Carvings of Bengal: A Decorative Stick From Calcutta         

Tithi Chanda :                                Pattern of Occupations in the Early Medieval and Late Medieval Period as Reflected in the Terracotta                                                                  Plaques of Contemporary Brick-Built Temples of Bengal             

Mahboob Alam :                            Life and People of Bengal as Seen by an European Artist             

Md. Mizanur Rahman :                  Early Farming Communities in the Ganga Plain: Origin of Agriculture, Crops Domestication and                                                                             Pastoralism 

Shubha Majumder

 & Pampa Biswas :                         Revisiting a Lost Jaina Temple Site in the Chhotanagpur Plateau Region

Madhu Khanna :                            The Ritual Art of Tantra: Illustrations from the Manuscript Paintings in the Tantrasāra of Krishnānanda                                                                   Āgamavāgiśa   

Thyagarajan Satyamurthy :           Gradable Affiliations in Indian Art: East-South Axis

Najma Khan Majlis :                       An Introduction to the Great Persian Epic Shāhnāma and its Collected Manuscripts in Bangladesh        

S M Saiful Islam :                           Emperor Jahangir’s Role in Developing Mughal Art: An Introduction