Vol. 23, 2018: 304 Pages, Plates 278 B/W and Colour 78; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 1500/ US $ 45.


Sarita Khettry:                            Buddhism in Early Pundravardhana.

Noman Nasir:                             Iliyas Shah’s Expedition on Tirhut: Numismatic Evidences.

Joachim K. Bautze :                   The Calcutta Cyclone of 1864: The Pictorial Evidence .

Madhuparna Roychowdhury:     Making Archaeological Site Museums in Early Twentieth Century  India: glimpses form Sarnath and                                                                     Khajuraho.

Gerd J.R. Meissen:                    Sciba:    Update 2: Addenda, Corrigenda, Desiderata Et Monenda to “Sculptures in Bangladesh” (2008)

Niaz Zaman:                              The Chakma Alam: A Treasure House of Designs

A. K. M. Yaqub Ali:                     Three Unread Arabic-Persian Inscriptions of Varendra Research  Museum: Textual Derivatives and                                                                       Calligraphic Niceties.

Durga Sankar Koley:                  The Formation of Society in Early Bengal- Glimpses from the Inscriptions of the 5th-6th Centuries.

Chandrima Das,

Nayana Sharma Mukherjee

& Susmita Basu Majumdar:        The Asiatic Society of Bengal: Reflections on Its Medical Researches in   the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth                                                        Centuries.

Pranab K. Chattopadhyay

& Rajasri Mukhopadhyay:           The Origin and Development of Mirrors in Indian Subcontinent: Lady with Mirror in Art.

Subhasree Banik :                       Recent Discovery of the Coins of Chandragupta III from West Bengal: A Discussion .

Samhita Sen:                               European Influence on the Architectural Decoration of Murshidabad.

Noor Bano Sattar :                       Migration of a Buddhist Icon: The Muchalinda Buddha from India to the Neighboring Countries                                                                             of South Asia .

Claudine Bautze-Picron

& Rajat Sanyal:                             An Unpublished Image of the Devi Donated during Mahendrapala’s Reign and Her cult in Bihar                                                                            in the Ninth Century.

Shamir Isha:                                 The Pala-Sena Sultanate Connection with Mughal Indian Art and Architecture.

Md. Abdur Rob:                            Records of Shia Edifices in Bangladesh in the Light of Epigraphs.

Tanzina  Akter :                             Depiction of Elephant in Terracotta Art of Buddhist Viharas and Hindu Temples of Bengal: An                                                                                Analytical Study .

Sanjay Sen Gupta:                       Calavera: The Traveling Wooden Deities of West Bengal.