Vol 22, 2017: 300 Pages, Plates 112 B/W and Colour 78; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 1500/ US $ 45.


Vincent Lefèvre:                         Rāmapāla, Rāmāvatī and the Last Glory of Mahasthan.

Yusuf Siddiq:                              Notes on Some Later Arabic and Persian Inscriptions of Bengal.

KumKum Bandyopadhyay:        Recent Study of the Sculptural Remains from Bela, District Gaya, South Bihar.

Kanad Sinha


Dev Kumar Jhanjh:                    Reconstructing a Sacred Site: A Story of Temple Building, Political Rise and Some Brāhma]a Governors of                                                           Gaya.

Sreyashi Ray Chowdhuri:          Iconoplastic Reproductions of N"ga Muchalinda in Eastern Indian Art: Locating Stylistic Divergences with                                                             Early Narratives of Eastern Deccan.

Rob Linrothe:                             Donor Figures on 9th to 12th Century Sculpture in Eastern India: A Progress Report.

Rohini Kar:                                 Tracing  Manasa’s Lineage Through the Puranas and the Mangalakavyas.             

Joachim K. Bautze:                    The Calcutta Cyclone of 1864 - the Pictorial Evidence.

Rupendra Kumar Chattopadhyay:   Debala Mitra: In Search of Her Excellence in Interpreting Texts and Sculptural and Architectural                                                                           Expressions.

Nupur Dasgupta:                        Of Mothers, Infants and Perceptions of Demoniac Threats: Genesis and Manifestations of Some Minor Cults                                                       in Early Historic Northern India.

Claudine Bautze-Picron:            Two Unpublished Images of the Great Vi^]uite Devī from Bengal.

Ellen M Raven:                           Kings of Styles or the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Swati Ray:                                  The Itkhori Region: A Study of the Post-Gupta Idiom of Art.        

Antara Ghoshal:                         Women as Represented in Terracotta Plaques of Chandraketugarh.

Ratnabali Ray Sengupta:           The Visnu Images of Tripura.

Andrea Loseries:                        The Buddhist Symbol of the Lion in Tibetan Art.

Ankan Purkait:                            Murshidabad Painting: As a Social Dialogue.

Ursila Bicklemann:                      The Painter Rabindranath Tagore amongst French Artists and Intellectuals.

Baba Mishra and  Ranvir Singh:  Seals of Budhigarh, Odisha: A Study of Its Symbols, Legends & Impact of Numismatics on Sigillography.   

Sanjay Sen Gupta:                       Tracing the History of Wooden Dolls in Bengal: A Study of Two Specimens from Chandraketugarh.          

Sabarni Pramanik Nayak:             All About Cotton: Orissan Scenario from Early-Medieval Epigraphs.         

Mahboob Alam:                            Company Paintings: Bengal Chapter.      

Khoundkar Alamgir:                      Imambara Architecture in Bengal.

Shatavisha Mustafi:                       What Does the ‘Hand’ of the Artist Signify? Tracing the Journey of Jamini Roy within the Realms of the                                                                Urban and the Rural.

Aniruddha Maitra:                          Newly-found Avalokiteśvara Image from Itahar: A Buddhist Zone of North Bengal.

Md. Abdur Rob:                             Mosques Patronized by Women in and around Dhaka.  

Sania Sitara:                                 Two Late Mughal Shia Mosques of Greater Dinajpur.