Journal of Bengal Art Volume 19


Vol. 19, 2014: 306 Pages, Plates 73 B/W and Colour 243; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 1500/ US $ 50.


Paola G. Tinti


The origins of Buddhism in Bangladesh: Between history, myth and historical inventions

Gouriswar Bhattachurya


Pala influence in Buddhist of Bangladesh

Shariful Islam


Unpublished Gupta Gold Coins in the Bangladesh National Museum

Susmita Basu Majumder & Sarmishtha Chatterjee


Cowries in eastern india: Understanding their role as ritual objects and money

Bernedette broeskamp


Repercussions of a Great Heritage: Pāla-Style Features Preserved in a Mural Painting in Alchi, Ladakh

Birendra Nath Prasad


Some Observations on the Pascimabhaga Copper Plate Inscription of Sricandra

Ranjusri Ghoshe


Saiva Complex at Bangarh: sectarian affiliations and some Icons

Bulbul Ahmed & Mohammad Abu Al Hasan


Kushana Coins from Bangladesh: A Preliminary Study

Sutapa Sinha


Unpublished Coin Hoard of the Bengal Sultans preserved at the Balurghat College Museum, Balurghat, West Bengal

Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay


Patronage and uddhist architecture in the Early historical period

Bijoy Kumar Sarkar


Navagraha images from Bengal: A Comparative study with their Orissan counterparts

Andrea Loseries


Buddhist Images of the Feminine

Krishnendu Ray


The Land/Village Boundary Marks and the Environmental Conditions in Early Medieval Bengal: Gleanings from Inscriptions (c. C. E. Sixth –Thirteenth Centuries)

Bimol Bandyapadhyay


Glimps of Conservation of some Islamic Monuments in West Bengal

Sharmila Saha


In Search of a Legitimate Identity: The Enigma of Ichai Ghosher Deul

Shreela Basu


Depiction of Ramkatha in West-Bengal Terracotta Temple

Yusuf Siddiq


Reflections on Some Rare Islamic Inscriptions of Bengal

Nasir Uddin Mobin


Bricks of Early Historic Bangladesh: Review of Excavated Data

Khandkar Alamgir


Adina mosque at hazrat pandua: The only standard type of congregational mosques in sultanate Bengal

Baba Mishra


Fertility goddesses in the tel valley, Orissa : An Archaeological Encounter

Swati Biswas


A Glimpse of pre-Mughal India through the illustrated Cāndāyan

Vishi Upadhyay

Fresh light on Repousse technique of coins :A commercial chain from Chhattisgarh to Bengal

Indrajit Chaudhury

The Bhairavi ‘Temple’ at Bindol and the Husain Shahi ‘Mosque’ at Kulut, Two enigmatic structures of Sultanate Bengal