SBAS NO. 11. Terradcotta of Bengal: An Analytical Study


SBAS NO. 11. Terradcotta of Bengal: An Analytical Study, Zulekah Haque, 2014; Size: 11.5" x 9" pp. 344; plates 276, Map; Bibliography; Index; ISBN 978-984-33-6578-1; Tk. 4000/US $ 60.


This book on the Terracottas of Bengal, covers the discussion on terracotta plaques found in the archaeological sites and monuments in the Bengali speaking area of the Indian sub-continent. The area politically divided between India and Bangladesh but speaking the same language and enjoying the same historical heredity, is studied here. The book contains discussion on the framework of society, economic, domestic, and social life, arms, dress and jewellery used by the people of the succeeding ages. More than 276 plates, mostly in colours, illustrate the various points raised in the discussions. Thus, possibly, the most authentic portrayal of a society and the priceless heritage of a nation which survived for over two thousand years  gradually declining under the pressure of western civilization and economic exigency. Artists and craftsmen, who through their brilliance, labour and hard work, have left such wonderful creations for the posterity, will thus be remembered and saluted. No doubt the art historians of today can draw upon these terracottas as the most authentic source of information for their future writings.