Journal of Bengal Art Volume 18


Vol. 18, 2013: 311 Pages, Plates 156 B/W and Colour 30; Size 11" x 9"; Tk. 1500/ US $ 50.


Syed Ejaz Hussain


Discovery of Husain Shah’s New Inscription And Ruins of A Jami Mosque from Husainabad in Ballia District of Uttar Pradesh and Diffusion of The Bengal Art

Heinrich Poell


The Buddhist Monasteries at Sirpur: The Southernmost Outpost of Eastern Indian Buddhist Art?

Sudipa Ray Bandyopadhyay


Some Imprecatory Scenes in Early Medieval Inscriptions of Eastern India

Mohammad Rezaul Karim


Sultan Ghiyasuddin Azam Shah of Bengal and the Date of His Rebellion: A Numismatic Study

Gerd J.R. Mevissen



Revanta Images Mainly from Bihar and a Special Type of three Equestrian Deities from North Bengal

A K M Yaqub Ali



Stone-Carving Art of the Select Architectural Members of the Varendra in Medieval Times: A Conceptual Approach

Abhra Bose


The Brass Chariot of Bankati

Sayantani Pal


Reconsidering the Chronology of the Rulers of Faridpur (6th Century)

Zulekha Haque


Literary Sources of the Terracotta Depictions

Sutapa Sinha


A Note on the Coins of the Sultans of Bengal in the Collection of Patna Museum, Bihar

Madhuparna Roychowdhury


The Shrine of Kichakeśvarī at Khiching: The Many Meanings of a Temple

Shreela Basu


The Terracotta Temple Complex of Sribati

Kumkum Bandyopadhyay


A Note on the Newly Reported Sculptures from Olpura, District Bhagalpur, South Bihar

Krishnendu Ray


Aspects of Rural Social Life in Early Medieval Bengal: Glimpses from the Saduktikar ñâmáta of °rîdharadâsa (Early 13th Century)

Bhogendra Jha


The Newly Discovered Pala-Sena Stone Images from Mithila

Enamul Haque



A New Appraisal of Buddhist Temples in Bangladesh (Up To C. 1250 Ce.)

Syamali Das


‘Romance and Sentiment’ as Expressed in Some Kanthas of Bengal

Mahboob Alam


European Artists in Bengal During the Late 18th to Early Part of the 19th Century.

Shyamalkanti Chakravarti


The Non-Hindu Art Motifs in Kalighat Paintings

Kallol Dasgupta and Pranab K. Chattopadhyay


A Preliminary Survey on Metal Images in Sundarban: Metallurgy, Art and Iconography

Nasir Uddin Mobin



Materials and Components of Early Historic Architectures of Bangladesh: Review of Pre-Gupta Phase Archeological Materials

Sarita Khettry


Āõjî: A Study of Symbol in Inscriptions of Bengal

Swapna Bhattacharya (Chakraborti)


Experincing the Continuity in Art, Culture & Life in Bengal and Myanmar