SBAS NO. 9. Dhaka alias Jahangirnagar: 400 Years


SBAS NO. 9. Dhaka alias Jahangirnagar: 400 Years, Enamul Haque, 2009, Size 12" x 9.5", 150 gms matt paper, pp. 400, plates 570 (mostly in colour), Map, Bibliography, Index; ISBN 978-984-33-0343-1; Tk. 5000/US $ 100

This book, the first of its kind giving the connected history of four hundred years, it highlights a wide range of subjects related to Dhaka. The striking features of this book are its visual records. Most of the illustrative materials are rare and many published for the first time. A unique feature of the book is more than three hundred portrait-photographs of eminent individuals who were related to Dhaka in one or other way and enriched its history.